Thanks everyone. I have a few weeks of holiday now - so I'll have some time
to really work out the "trueëst Culmærian system".

2010/6/8 taliesin the storyteller [log in to unmask]

> > = manNOM-REL appleACC eat; youNOM manACC-REL yesterday-see
> >
> > The man ate the apple that you picked
> = The man ate the apple, THE ONE you picked

This explanation seems to work. I've started with thr 'Pater Noster'.

"forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us" became
'us, for our sins in the same manner forgive, THE ONE in which we our
dettors forgive' ("the one" reflects it onto the 'manner of forgivness').

I'll see how this system works for me :)

thanks again,