I've just arranged the first Urianian election. It's at: http://

It's a little provisional yet, because I'm not quite sure about the  
periodicity of all the names. Of course, a small number of names are  
allowed to be unperiodical at any time, otherwise unfashionable names  
wouldn't survive in tradition to become fashionable later.

Only the Byntian region participates in this election. As you can  
see, there are 10289 votes cast. That means there are at least 10289  
male property holders in the region. The total population then  
probably is at least 200000, and maybe more. I think I could name and  
place all the property holders, and possibly all the others as well.

To name the candidates I used a name generator I made for another  
project that produces 19th century names. For early 18th century I  
then needed to eliminate a few unperiodical ones, and to name the  
election candidates some obviously lower class ones. Naming the rest  
is a feasible project, I think. But then I need information about  
some really rare names as well. So far my name lists contain just a  
few hundred. Consulting some digital British censuses would be the  
idea, I guess, but are there any available before 1801?

Would be grateful for some advice.