Am 24.06.2010 08:16 schrieb David Peterson:
> See, even for Latin, when you have a character with an accent
> over it, it's not two separate characters:

Look at e.g. Doulos SIL in a font editor though. You can correctly place 
combining diacritics on arbitrary Latin characters without *all* 
combinations being preassembled somewhere (only á à â ... ć č etc.), 
even e.g. in OpenOffice. I'm sorry that you can't load the website, 
David, I don't know why that might be.

SIL has a page addressing this issue as well and they suggest using VOLT 
to generate the necessary GPOS tables. Unfortunately I can't get it to 
run through WINE, as it reports that all font files I give it to open 
are corrupt.

Maybe I should better ask on the fontforge mailinglist again.