I hope someone here is knowledgeable enough about fonts to be able to 
help me.

I wanted to give making a working font for my Tahano Hikamu con-script a 
go. It is an abugida and as such makes heavy use of diacritics. Since 
earlier attempts had been in vain more or less, I thought this time, I 
might try putting the consonant letters into the area for Latin letters 
and diacritics into the "combining diacritics" area since there should 
be more than enough space and stacking diacritics is not problem with 
Latin characters either that way – or at least it shouldn't be, which is 
the problem. While my Firefox 3.6.3 on Ubuntu 10.04 (also Firefox 
3.5.something on the Mac) seems to be able to handle diacritic placement 
fine so far that way (See [1]), Windows apparently can't. However note 
that at the moment, I'm without Windows. OpenOffice as on Ubuntu 10.04 
can't handle placement either, which is driving me nuts. So I'd glad if 
anyone could have a look at my font, the file is up on my student 
account in the "/test" directory as well as a demo.png file where you 
can see how things should look like if it works properly.

Kind regards

[1] <>

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