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> Dear colleagues, 
> I will be starting a project next year (if the grant money comes in,
> of course) which will include a TEI encoding component with a number
> of people from different institutions with different levels of
> technical expertise, different interests and different expectations
> in terms of the end-product.
> I am wondering if members of the TEI community, who have themselves
> been involved in digitalization and encoding projects, have ever
> used online project management tools to orchestrate the whole
> extravaganza? Any tips or recommendations about the tools I should
> look at?

>From the few details you've given it seems like what you are wanting
is really two things:

1.) A collaborative (multi-user) project planning/management web
application that could be used to plan and stage your project:
assignment of tasks, responsibilities, timeframes, costing and so on.

2.) A collaborative workspace -- also a web app. -- where project
participants can create and share and archive electronic material.

I have a preference for *fully functional* open source applications --
i.e. not the type where one has to pay to get the real thing -- and
use the following:

1.) OpenERP

2.) Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) (by Nuxeo)

    If I anticipated having to scale to many gigabytes of data then
    instead of CPS I'd use:

    Nuxeo DM and/or Nuxeo DAM

The firms behind OpenERP and CPS/Nuxeo DM offer service contracts if
you want support.

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