As most readers of this list know, the TEI council uses the sourceforge 
tracker facility intensively as a part of the process of maintaining the 
TEI Guidelines. Anyone can read the suggestions for change to the 
Guidelines posted there, and follow the debate about their resolution.
Anyone can also raise an issue and the Council pays attention to every 
ticket posted.

Recently however we've been suffering from an outbreak of mindless and 
annoying spam. In order to try and cut down on this, I have now somewhat 
reluctantly turned off the ability to post bugs or feature requests 
anonymously, i.e. without first logging in to your sourceforge account.

If you want to comment on something you think should change or be added 
to the Guidelines, use the Feature Request Tracker at; if you want 
to report something you've noticed that appears to be broken, use the 
Bugs Tracker at (There are 
other trackers but we don't currently use them)

At top right you'll see a "log in" link for those who already have a 
sourceforge account, and a "register" link for those who don't.

Sourceforge accounts are completely free and give you other benefits too 
but it's still another account to manage, so I apologise for this slight 
increase in bureaucracy.