On 14/08/10 02:15, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> 1) Why does the export just produce a<listBibl>? Why not produce a full
>> TEI document with minimal header (embedding the<listBibl>   in<body>)?
>> This would allow you to do things like document the date/time that the
>> library was exported, the username the library belonged to, etc., etc.
> Actually, I appreciate the decision to produce just a listBibl. I'm
> always going to be copy/pasting this stuff into another document, and
> it's nice not to have to wade through all the prefatory bits.

Interesting... I was thinking that I'd probably do the very same thing 
and thus thinking that such metadata would be even more important. ;-) 
(why not XInclude just the listBibl?)  But ok, maybe either an option to 
toggle on/off whether you want it full or not, or at least an XML 
comment at the top containing a note of things like date exported?

> I think it could make Zotero the tool of choice for building TEI
> bibliographies. That's currently a real chore, and this will save me
> dozens of hours a year. And I can customize it for each individual
> project's requirements now I've seen how it's done.

Seconded... I maintain my CV... when I remember to do so... in TEI and 
the annoying bit is always inputting new publications/papers/etc. 
consistently. While I may shy away from the social/sharing aspects of 
Zotero, and think their entire lack of privacy on their CV tool is a big 
mistake, I might happily use them to simplify the data entry procedure.

Dr James Cummings, Research Technology Service
Oxford University Computing Services
University of Oxford