Dear all,

the keyword 'revisions' given by John Young brought me to throw in this
remark. If I only echo the basics, everybody is fully aware of, I beg
your pardon. ;)

The thing is, I'd always recommend a infrastructural separation of the
'management stuff' form the 'production stuff'.
So please use any of the mentioned project management tools for improved
communication, documentation etc., but store your products (even if pre-
liminary) within systems (DBMS, RCS, whatever you need) which are made
for their special purpose and which are running on your own servers.
By 'products' I mean any kind of self-developed code and any kind of
collected AND processed data, project documentation etc.

Hmm ... well, sorry again, if I missed the point and this was already
clear to everyone.

Best Regards,

James Cummings wrote:
> On 15/08/10 19:19, Piotr BaƄski wrote:
>> I'm wondering if Sourceforge, besides being community-oriented on the
>> whole, has some kind of project-management Hosted App. Naturally, that
>> would put some conditions on Toma's project.
> Indeed, Sourceforge does provide free hosted apps including dotProject
> and Trac both of which are useful in project management.  A number of
> teams in OUCS use Jira as a
> project management system. Though, to be honest, I find most project
> management systems tend to be fairly clunky and unintuitive to use, but
> perhaps that is just the nature of the tasks they have to cater for.
> -James