Dear list,

For our book trade correspondence project, transcribing C19 correspondence between the Dutch publisher De Erven F. Bohn and their authors, suppliers and booksellers, we have so far used the P4 and more recently P5 DTD:

 <!DOCTYPE TEI PUBLIC "-//TEI P5//DTD Main Document Type//EN" 
    "" [
    <!ENTITY % TEI.header "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % TEI.core "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % TEI.textstructure "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % TEI.transcr "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % TEI.linking "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % TEI.namesdates "INCLUDE"> ]>

We are now thinking of turning to a schema instead, and wonder whether there is a similarly canonical way of invoking a schema.

Thanks for your help,

Adriaan van der Weel
Book and Digital Media Studies
Leiden University