On 26 Aug 2010, at 08:30, Verhaar, P.A.F. wrote:

>  The question
> is more if it is possible to refer to a canonical schema (a schema
> maintained at the website) in the first place. 
yes, it should be. if thats broken, I shall look to fix immediately.
obviously you can't do the in-document modularisation thing with W3C like you
can with DTD

> I have found a number of W3C schemas at
> Nevertheless,
> when I try to validate one of our TEI documents using the
> "tei_allPlus.xsd" schema, for instance, this produces various kinds of
> errors in TEI, which appear to concern the schema rather than our TEI
> file. 

do you really need allPlus? that mixed namespace scheme is pretty flaky in XSD
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