On 8 Aug 2010, at 20:05, Kevin Hawkins wrote:

> If I download an ODD file from 
> , open it in <oXygen/> 
> 10.0, and validate, I get validation errors for each instance of an XML 
> element within <egXML>.
depends which schema you validate it against. The default
TEI framework in oXygen uses "tei_all", I believe, which
did not cover egXML properly until the last release. That's
not in oXygen yet, though I expect Syncrosoft will have it in
the next release (they are very good at this, for which public thanks)

> Has anyone found this to be fixed in a later version of <oXygen/>?  If 
> not, how do ODD developers get around this?

speaking solely for myself, I usually use Emacs' nxml-mode, not oXygen :-{

(of course, I never get validation errors cos I get it right
the first time as  I type :-})

If anyone ever wonders, the validation process for the TEI Guidelines themselves
 1 check against tailored schema using rnv
 2 check against NVDL  using onvdl, which
     uses specific schemas to validate each namespace,
     including the code within examples
 3 check using Schematron derived from schema
 4 check internal links using a custom XSL

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