Dear List, 

since this topic comes up right now, I would like to mention an ongoing
project at Kassel University (Germany) that I am heading that also works
towards integrating TEI-files into Drupal. Just as Stefanie's project, it
builds upon Drupal's existing XML-Content module and takes advantage of the
existing Drupal infrastructure. However, this project aims not at a journal
publication, but at scholarly text editions. 

Our aim ist to develop  a generically usable, light-weight, open-source
publishing framework. Once completed, this framework will implement the
complete TEI-Lite tagset, allow customization of key visualization features,
offer an advanced search function and be available for use in other text
edition projects. Our test-case for this "TEI-for-Drupal" module is my
(ongoing) edition of Bérardier de Bataut's Essai sur le récit, which is
online here:

I mention this project now despite the fact that many features are still
missing. Suggestions are of course welcome. We will be at the TEI Meeting
this November to present the project. 

Kind regards,
Christof Schöch