Dear colleagues, 

I will be starting a project next year (if the grant money comes in, of course) which will include a TEI encoding component with  a number of people from different institutions with different levels of technical expertise, different interests and different expectations in terms of the end-product. 

I am wondering if members of the TEI community, who have themselves been involved in digitalization and encoding projects, have ever used online project management tools to orchestrate the whole extravaganza? Any tips or recommendations about the tools I should look at?

I know that it's practically impossible to implement a no-email policy and have the whole project communication take place in a dedicated space, but wouldn't it be easier to create documentation for the project along the way, as issues arise and get resolved?

Ok, I am ranting… but my question still holds: project management tools, anybody? Stories of success or utter failure?  

All best,
Toma Tasovac
Center for Digital Humanities (Belgrade, Serbia) •