2010/8/11 Olivier Simon <[log in to unmask]>:
>>Yallah - something tells me that people are going to use mien div just
>>as much I confirmed mien div through Google before I
>>used it and came up with this:
>>Mien Div ! Id autodestruction mecanisme ! iey ia med un anxieus voc...
>>Somebody better tell that other guy writing stories in Sambahsa he's
>>supposed to use Yallah instead!
> Sellamat Dave ! (mien Dave !)
> Your google works better than mine ;-) The first entries it gives are only
> Vietnamese !

Try "mien div" and sambahsa, or "mien div" and Olivier. It actually
turns up another one here:

Kwehre sib prients.
1) Just un smulk glas, plais.
2) Mien Div! Io ne mieyn microscopic!
3) Io prete perfect-ye vies bahsa.
4) Hat tien nas es' semper katha?
5) Kad som makhmour, bet cras aghyern sessiem sober, ed tu sessies dar biaur!

> Using "mien div" is not "forbidden", it is like using an analytic expression
> instead a synthetic one. The advantage of yallah is that you can include it
> into a sentence and use it like an adverb, without caring for the punctuation.
> I guess that the sample is from "Objective Apocalypse", at the end, when the
> heroes are going to escape from Peter Medduzz's secret lair near Bella Coola in
> British Columbia.
> As Objective Apocalypse is the oldest long text published by me, it can include
> some "old" expressions.
> Olivier