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> Betreff: "Fiat lingua" in your conlang(s)

> We'd like to have the Language Creation Society make some cool conlanger
> schwag.
> One idea is to have our motto, "Fiat ingua", in a large number of
> conlangs, composed into an image - somewhat like the LJ conlangs
> userpic ( - and put on
> various things like ties, mugs, shirts, etc.
> If you'd like to help, please post or email us a translation into your
> conlang(s) (or conlangs you like) of:
> 1. "Fiat lingua!"
That's a difficult one. "Ines'xen rejavisko'het'ny" (Let us make languages) is probably closest. Declarative sentences normally use the indicative, but would require context. So without context, Rejistanis would probably use this.

> 2. "conlangs"
rejavisko'het'ny larava

> 3. [friendly greeting]

> If they have a native orthography, please include a link to an
> in-orthography version - preferably as text + font, so we can scale /
> color it as needed. Aim for translations that would be natural
> in-culture (e.g. if there were an LCS there, what would our
> doppelgangers say?) more than literalistic.
I do not have the rejistanian font somwhere on the 'net since I lack webspace.
Sanja'xen mi'lanja'kynha ,mi'la'ohix'ta jilih, nka.

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