The upcoming Journal of the Language Creation Society, _Fiat Lingua_,
is nearing completion and on track to be ready in about a month or so.

Included in the first issue (~80 pages total):
H.S. Chapman - León Bollack and his forgotten project
Fredrik Ekman - Glossopoeia on the Silver Screen
Paul Hartzer - Exolang Phonology: Vixzrinddyig
Jim Henry - Review of Sarah L. Higley's _Hildegard of Bingen's Unknown
Language: An Edition, Translation and Discussion_
Roger F. Mills - The Battle of the Sexes (two Kash poems)
Roger F. Mills - The Birth of a Planet (and three languages)
Matt Pearson - Case Marking and Event Structure: One Conlanger’s Investigations
John Quijada - Analyzing Nudes on the Kalmykian Steppe: The Russian
Obsession with “Ifkuil”


If you have something you'd like to put in a letter to the editor -
perhaps a short anecdote, comment, question, or the like - email us.

If you could contribute an article, essay, poem, review, etc. for the
next edition of the Journal, please see our Call for Papers:


We need a designer to create a great-looking template for the journal
- that is, everything but the article texts. This includes everything
from a well-styled nameplate and logo to footnotes and font choices to
masthead layout. Basically, everything needed such that we can drop in
the final article text, titles, etc for this issue (and all issues to
come) and it'll look awesome.

Here's the full spec:

We're also looking for good art to include on the cover and elsewhere.
Either your own work if you're an artist, or something good you've
found online that is licensed to allow commercial re-use.

If either of these sounds like something you or someone you know could
help us with, please let us know.

All email about the Journal should be directed to
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Our Librarian, Donald Boozer, is the current primary managing editor
(thanks, Don!).

To pre-order your copy (and help us figure out our costs and volume),
please visit

Sai Emrys
LCS President