I'd be interested in getting this done right. Looking at the tips from 
George and Markus, it doesn't look to me like there is really a 
generalised standard model. It would be great if the TEI community had 
hosts of HR people or something who could form a SIG: generalising the 
semantics will involve some thought.


On 10-09-16 02:55 AM, James Cummings wrote:
> Matthew James Driscoll wrote:
>> You can, of course, write your CV using the <person> element and its 
>> children. I don't that anyone has, but that was certainly one of the 
>> potential uses we envisaged when we put it together.
> I've done just that, but storing publications separately.  I've not 
> built any specific stylesheets to use it though (and the only times 
> I've used it I've done slightly customised tei->html->a 
> wordprocessor.  Today I'd be more tempted to do a customization of the 
> teitodocx stylesheets that my TEI@Oxford colleagues have worked so 
> hard on.
> While I've done things in my own unique way I would be more than happy 
> to keep my P5 CV in some standardised format.  I once thought about 
> making a TEI ODD[1] to produce a schema to validate a much more 
> constrained set of elements, but figured if it was just me I wouldn't 
> bother.  If anyone is wanting to put work into this I'd be interested 
> in collaborating.  Anything to remind me to keep my CV up to date.
> -James

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