On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 2:38 AM, David Johnson
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> I guess this situation is one we will encounter more as time goes on.
> Perhaps the LCS needs to develop a policy?

I think that it would be no problem for the LCS to provide permanent
online hosting for:
a) any conlang community service or project
b) archival versions of conlang-related websites of people who are
permanently incapacitated (e.g. by death)
c) members' conlang-related websites

But I think that Jim's response is very apt. This is not something
that the LCS per se can do much about other than to provide the web

It's not magic. Ultimately some individual needs to find and put
effort into this kind of archiving. In this case David's done it, but
I don't think it's reasonable to expect that he'll always be able to.
So "policy" is, perhaps, a bit off.

On the positive side, pretty much any of you could assist in this if
you wanted to. Doesn't require much more than a basic understanding of
website maintenance. (Better yet if you know how to use ssh and wget.)

This is generally the case, of course. Quite simply there are only a
small handful of people (mainly David, Don, Sylvia, & I) who actually
do the work needed for the LCS to operate, and we don't have much
extra capacity. If we had more people contributing their time, we
could do more stuff with less individual effort. It's not something
that just materializes, and we don't have enough income (yet?) to
actually hire someone to do it.

- Sai