Den 5. sep. 2010 kl. 01.02 skreiv Sai Emrys:

> Not at all. I said that I don't wish to be affiliated with Welsh - as
> an instance of that I don't wish to be affiliated with *any* such
> thing.
> I have nothing for or against it.

Well, I will respect your choice whatever you do, of course, but I  
kind of like Emrys. Its origin and meaning of course is known to you.  
It's not just my celtophilic tendency, although despite its origin it  
does have a nice Welsh ring. In fact when I got to know you, I  
thought Sai was Welsh, too. But it's not found in Welsh name lists.  
How did you actually come by it?

I do applaud your wish to disaffiliate yourself from nationality.  
Nationalism and all the human tendency to form groups hostile to  
other groups is what I loathe the most about our species. Myself I  
like to think in global perspectives instead of national and local,  
to rise above the pettiness of most human thought. On the other hand  
I am addicted to the colour and flavour of all the human  
nationalities and their linguistic expressions of all kinds,  
including names. I don't particularly enjoy being Norwegian, although  
I enjoy the landscape and the weather when it is like today. But I  
have always had a fondness for my name. I think it's a nice, angular  
frame of reference by which I navigate through the world.

I had my bad moments as a kid, but enough good ones to be able to  
identify myself and the colours and flavours I carry about me with  
goodness in some way. I have noticed other people with different  
attitudes towards the bits and pieces of their identities, which I  
reckon they formed in their childhoods, along with the bits and  
pieces themselves. Some jump from identity to identity, never seeming  
to find any satisfaction, others think they are the centres of their  
universes no matter what. All contribute to make up the colours and  
flavours of the society and occasionally they all manage to  
accomplish something good or something bad in their own way.

That's what it is, I suppose.