Andreas Johansson wrote:

> quoting me:
>> Some pine branches or a good patch of moss make fine mattresses. I  
>> have often slept under the open sky. Tents tend to make me  
>> claustrophobic, I like to be able to see what goes on around me.
> Whereas I find it difficult to sleep if it's not dark around me.

Yes, that's a problem, and increasing with age. But a reasonably  
thick towel can be good enough, and is effective against mosquitoes.  
Those things that are handed out in airplanes can help too, maybe.

After all, the nice thing about the outdoors is that it's... outdoors.

Let's see, how to get on-topic after this. Do I have many camping  
words in Urianian? There's 'camp' - kebzik, to 'strike camp' - niste.  
For 'camping', perhaps nisan, or possibly a loan - camping or kemping.

Kebuz - tent or earthen hut
Galuz - small, one-walled, more or less temporary shelter
Seblebur - sleeping bag
Greglebur - backpack
Bere - campfire
Mel - mosquito
Vezid - walk, hike
Sentid - wander, hike
Ged - forest, wilderness
Uldu - thicket
Mintu - mountain
Vrizul - treeless highland
Mas - bog
Eje - lake
Bizuk - fish
Tempe - rod
Mak - mushroom
Oje - frying pan
Tunuz - pleasant
Semde - enjoy