So I have the mman-ar script integrated into Constructium and
Fairfax now, but before I unleash this on the world, did anybody ever
see what the tal-taith forms looked like? David's site only had the
Tolkienesque annn-ar form and the cursive tal-eglar form, so I had
to interpolate what the tal-taith form might have looked like:

Is that at least recognizable as mman-ar?

I joined the list long after David stopped posting, but I can tell
from the table of contents alone that he was an amazing conlanger, and
I feel I should honor him the best way possible. :)

-- Rebecca Bettencourt

"I could counter with the fact that a disproportionate number of TG
women I know are computer programmers. ::grin:: In fact, there's a
joke going around that says exposure to computer screens causes
transsexuality." -- Kate Bornstein