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> On Sep 4, 2010, at 3◊41 PM, Arthaey
> Angosii wrote:
> > I have to point out that a CONLANG list camping trip
> would be
> > *awesome*. Anyone else? Lots of great camping to be
> had on the West
> > Coast... :)
> I would be so totally down for that if it didn't involve
> the word
> "camping". What about a CONLANG list trip? Say, we all
> find
> a wealthy donor who sends us on a cruise to Jamaica, or
> the
> like--full service, meals supplied, functional bathrooms,
> air
> conditioning, the whole bit. Doesn't that sound nice?
> Camping, on the other hand, sounds...dusty.

Hmmm, a man after my own heart..... I was going to comment that a Conlang camping trip sounds a bit like herding cats, but never mind....

My only experience with anything resembling camping was 5 days of bivouac in the army, Feb. 1957, in the woods of Georgia (US). Thank Gu it didn't rain or snow. Not really bad (aside from the latrine arrangements)---and I realize modern camp grounds aren't at quite that primitive level. Still, I'd like to think I could get a proper filet of sole almandine with a nice Chablis....

Lots of B&Bs in Saugatuck (and elsewhere)-- maybe we could take one over for a long weekend or something. Not quite as expensive as a cruise.

(When I worked for a publisher, some of us agitated to hold our semi-annual sales meetings on a cruise ship. Management ignored us.)