2010-09-27 20:11, Dirk Elzinga skrev:
> Is there a way to copy an image created by Inkscape (and saved as an
> Inkscape .svg image) into Fontforge? I assumed there was and proceeded to
> make a set of characters (about 50 so far) in Inkscape but now I'm having
> trouble getting them into Fontforge.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Dirk

In font view, select character, then File > Import, then
in the dialog Format > SVG.

The versions here are
fontforge 20091105
libfontforge 20091029
yours may be older, but this has been around a while.

Tip: Insert a square with height = ascent + descent
properly placed into your images, use it to position
your char in FF's glyph view, then delete it before
fixing the bearings.  Makes life easier!