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>>>>> For that matter, what do other natlangs and other varieties of English
>>>>> do?
>>>> "That's what she said!" is more or less a N. Am. analogue, as I
>>>> understand
>>>> it.
>>>> Alex
>>> If that's the case, then the Alurhsa equivalent would be "Kólfe dívé".
>>>  Literally "Thus is said".
>> I don't see how that implies a sexual connotation, though.
> That's probably okay, as whatever sexual connotation is in the original
> completely escapes me!  No wonder I wasn't sure how to translate this...

"...that's what SHE said!" is a joking response to somebody making an
inadvertant sexual double entendre, said in a (frequently exaggerated)
suggestive tone of voice.

"This won't fit, it's too long."
"...that's what SHE said!"

The thread topic has a similar use, although AIUI it's just as often
said by the person who made the original accidental double entendre,
after realizing it. It follows the pattern of the punchline to a dirty
joke (actresses have an old reputation for being "loose").

"I'm headed down the actress said to the bishop."