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> And this is why I can't learn Lojban.
> "I greet you.  Flirtation marker."
> "Flirtation marker accepted.  Proposition of future mating?"
> "Future mating initiation particle, affirmative."
> zo'o  :)

In theory I agree, it seems like it ought to ruin the joke to mark it
with "zo'o", like saying in English "What I have just said is a funny
joke!  I hope you have found it humorous!"  Strangely, though, in
practice saying "zo'o" in Lojban feels perfectly natural.  You're not
really required to say "zo'o", but we're all in the habit of doing so
anyway, and it seems right.  I guess in English you often mark a joke
with a joking tone of voice, which is specifying just as much that
you're joking, just with a different kind of symbol.

Here's a comic by Sandra Snan on the subject:

Um oh wait, none of you speak Lojban, well I guess I'll give a translation:

coi tertigni  (Hello, Audience!)
.izvati  (Here we are.)
.iko jundi  (Pay attention!)
.iti cmalauca'a mi  (This is my microphone.)
cu'i  (Eh.)
.iti tsina lo barja mi lo mudri  (This is a stage at a bar I'm
standing on, made of wood.)
zo'o  (That was a joke!)
.u'i .u'i .u'i .u'i .u'i .u'i .u'i  (Hahahahahahahaha!)

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