Den 24. sep. 2010 kl. 19.27 skreiv Lee:

> Arne: Hvis du vil lære norsk, må du på gå kurset.
>       If you will be learning Norwegian, must you go to the class?

Your translations are good, but here you should switch the "must" and  
"you" about and remover the question mark.

> Sue:  Du er hard!
>       You are hard!
> Pretty sure the English at the end is intended to be "difficult,"  
> but why ruin a perfectly good scene with details like that?

It is in fact intended to be "merciless".

Curiously the rude connotations of the word _hard_ is not much  
reflected in Norwegian. Most rude words connected to the male organ  
refer to its stance or to comparisons with admittedly hard materials,  
at least to my knowledge. The word _hard_ is much used as an adverb  
in the context, though.