Hello all!

Visitors to my website will notice that Joseph Peanou,
Giuseppe Peano's doppelgänger in RHATL, has passed away.
This is because RHATL (Ray's Hellenic Alternative Time-Line)
has passed out of all existence, whether virtual or
otherwise, in this and any other universes. It don't exist.

It may be that somewhere WHATL or, indeed, some other
Hellenic Alternative Time-Line continues to have an
existence in the work of some conlanger(s). That's fine. But
they have nothing whatever to do with TAKE.

I have found the WHATL/ RHATL scenarios far too inhibiting;
those who remember Philip Newton's WHATL calendar for 2012
(i.e. approximately 2008 in our time-line) may remember the
problems.  What is TAKE for the "Eiffel Tower"?  "Well, er,
how do we know that the Eiffel Tower will be there in WHATL?
How do we know they'll be a city called 'Paris'?" and so forth.

TAKE has now become fully integrated into our time line and
I am producing a "Graeco sine flexione" which is classical
Greek without inflexions, purely as an intellectual exercise.

I ask those interested in TAKE to be patient during the
revision which, hopefully, will be completed over the next
month or so.

"Ein Kopf, der auf seine eigene Kosten denkt,
wird immer Eingriffe in die Sprache thun."
[J.G. Hamann, 1760]
"A mind that thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language".