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> Datum: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 18:34:19 -0400
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> Betreff: Conlang documentation

> I've been thinking about the recent discussion on having good accessible
> documentation for peoples' conlangs. I don't currently have anything
> online,
> but I've been working on my conlang Sipalh, and it's gotten to the point
> where the language contains more information than I can easily hold in my
> head. I feel like going through the process of organizing what I've got so
> far, in order to make it presentable, would help me internalize it better.
> So I'm looking for documentation advice on two levels:
> 1) Where should I put it online? I don't really have spare money lying
> around, so getting my own domain name or an LCS membership are not options
> for me at the moment.

If you use version management software and unformatted text, you can create a gist for your conlang. I did so with the data on rejistanian:

Or get a blog and put the conlang information into static pages.

> 2) In your online conlang documenting, who would you consider the target
> audience to be? Do you think any random person who stumbles across your
> conlang site should be able to enjoy and appreciate it? Or is it
> exclusively
> for other conlangers? The terminology I've been using for my own notes
> probably has too much jargon for someone who's never heard of linguistics,
> but it's probably laughably amateur for a "real" linguist.

Someone who stumbled across it, probably searched for something related to it and has a certain interest in language and linguistic, otherwise, he would not be there. Just my 0.02 Kitivalha
Sanja'xen mi'lanja'kynha ,mi'la'ohix'ta jilih, nka.

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