Alex Fink, On 22/09/2010 21:53:
> I was about to say, re all this,
 > On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 21:44:21 +0200, Jrg Rhiemeier <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 17:49:48 +0100, R A Brown wrote:
>>>  On 22/09/2010 16:25, And Rosta wrote:
>>>  >  Am I, I wonder, the only one who feels a (literal)
>>>  >  twinge of nausea at seeing this conlang sample? It would
>>>  >  be most unfair to take my reaction to be any kind of
>>>  >  just judgement of the conlang, but I find it interesting
>>>  >  that a conlang can excite such a visceral response.
>>>  You are not alone - tho I wouldn't describe my reaction as
>>>  nausea. But it is certainly an absolute turn-off.
>> Yes.  Not really nauseating, but it gives away its nature as a
>> poor Tolkien rip-off.
> that if Edgerton's conlang had been mman ar, there's no way I would've
> known from this paltry material alone!  

This reminds me that me and David (Bell) talked about this recurrently. My archives only go back to late 1999, by which time I had plainly told him of my feelings about Amman Iar's soundscape, for in January 2000 he mentions

> the phonetics of amman iar (I know And hates that) 

to which I reply:
> Please! I don't hate it! It's just not to my taste! :-) Actually there's
> stuff I do like about it a lot, such as the sandhi. It's the sindarinity (or
> the consonantal welshiness) of its palette that cloys upon my palate.
> I too think JRRT a demigod, but unlike you I don't share his tastes, love
> and revere him and his works though I do.
> Elvish is too unrelentingly pretty, for me. Like seeing the whole world 
> tinted rosy pink. If Quenya is not as pretty as Sindarin, then it is too 
> unrelentingly elegant, too demure, too much in good taste, too much a 
> language that never goes to the carsey [= john].
> It seems that JRRT with his genius and his Genius aimed to produce in 
> Sindarin something europeanly beautiful and in Quenya something
> europeanly noble, and achieved this perfectly.

and then David:
> "Sindarinity"! "Consonantal welshiness"!  Now that's descriptive!.  I call
> it the "cellar door syndrome" and amman iar is definitely (and purposely)
> representative of the genre.