Cor ad cor loquetur:

Raya al eth ethna ngatsa.
SPEAK-present-emotive ANIMATE HEART HEART-dative animate-conj-TO
The heart speaks to the heart.

But if the latin is in future tense (I believe this was mentioned earlier in
the thread):

Raya'e al eth ethna ngatsa.

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> On Sunday, I was at Cofton Park in Birmingham, to attend the Mass of the
> Beatification of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman. In honour of the
> occasion, I'd like to propose the Cardinal's motto, "cor ad cor loquetur"
> (Heart speaks unto heart) as a translation excercise.
> Khangažyagon
> yagi sadre sadreakh
> yag-  i sadre sadre- akh
> speak 3 heart heart  recipient
> iljena
> ibreta birat
> spirit-speak spirit-listen
> Pete

Ayryea zakayro al Gayaltha