Heh, enjoyed that flashback, And. :)

Just noticed that Ms Edgerton replied this morning to my request for
information. For anyone interested:

"...There is a grammar and several hundred words.

"Which doesn't save me from having to invent new words when I find there is
something in a spell that I want to say and hadn't anticipated. When that
happens, I try to find a related word already included in the vocabulary and
use a variation of that. Otherwise, I usually mangle a word out of one of
the Welsh or Irish dictionaries I keep on my shelf.

"There are far, far more words in the language than I will ever be able to
use in the story. However, in the second book, *A Dark Sacrifice*, there is
a glossary that defines the different kinds of magic, and gives the meanings
of all the names that are based on Niadhélen, as well as units of time.

"Also, there is much more in this thread
contains many things I originally put into the glossary but my editor
removed. This includes translations of all the spells, and also two maps."