> 1) Where should I put it online? I don't really have spare money lying
> around, so getting my own domain name or an LCS membership are not options
> for me at the moment.

I use conlang wiki because its very easy and simple to use and makes documenting your conlang a lot easier. For exampls check out mine ( and mt friends ( if you want to see how you can set them out, though I dont think mine is anything special. It's free to sign up and when you do sign up and are logged in there are no ads there at all. I would use the LCS but like you I have no money at the moment so I recomend the conlang wiki.

> 2) In your online conlang documenting, who would you consider the target
> audience to be? Do you think any random person who stumbles across your
> conlang site should be able to enjoy and appreciate it? Or is it exclusively
> for other conlangers? The terminology I've been using for my own notes
> probably has too much jargon for someone who's never heard of linguistics,
> but it's probably laughably amateur for a "real" linguist.

My point of view is that because my documentation is on the conlang wiki, all the other members are conlangers as well and therefore should already know basic linguistics and all people who willingly go to the conlang wiki must be interested in conlangs and will therefore also know basic linguistics so I assume that people will know what I mean and I leave a lot out for people who don't know anything about linguistics, pretty bad I know but I haven't got the time to spend creating things to make it easier for people who have no idea about linguistics, at leats not at the moment anyway, and in saying that I dont think i am a linguistic expert either. :P