What I quoted from Henrik's mail below (I've had people complaining 
that their mail clients bork interleaved quotes, so I've decided to only 
top-post from now on) is also how things appear on the Conlang-L page. 
If you look at the HTML source code there you'll see that "&" has been 
recoded to "&", thus the entities do not resolve into the characters 
they're supposed to point to. It has happened several times before, and 
it's kind of a nuissance to sometimes see posts riddled with these, 
however now that I've checked on the Conlang-L main page, I see it is 
not necessarily always an issue with my mail program (Thunderbird 3.1).

I don't know what to do about it, I assume the people for whom it 
happens used a web-based interface which mangles things when they've 
sent their mail. If you received the original e-mail OK, kudos to your 
host, browser or email software for de-mangling.

Carsten, slightly disgruntled.

Am 20.10.2010 14:45, schrieb Henrik:
> PoorΙωσήφΠεάνου!

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