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> Datum: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 04:29:52 +0200
> Von: Josh Roth <[log in to unmask]>
> An: [log in to unmask]
> Betreff: Fonts with correct diacritic placement?

> For one of my languages, I'm looking for a unicode font that handles
> diacritics especially well. Specifically, one that will place the horn diacritic
> <  ̛ > correctly on any letter - or at least on <a e i o u w s>
> (including these letters combined with other diacritics, such as <õ ĩ ë>). Many
> fonts do include <ơ> and <ư>, which appear in the Vietnamese alphabet,
> but when the combining horn diacritic is added to any other letter, it
> appears too high up, isn't on the right edge, and/or doesn't connect smoothly to
> the letter. 
> Anyone know of a (preferably free) font that can perform this fairly
> simple, if not so practical feat? I've look at a great many, but haven't found
> even one. The font would also have to include some other less common
> diacritics that I'm using, which some fonts do have but many/most do not (and for
> which placement is usually not a big problem): dot above <ȯ>, dot below
> <ọ>, left half ring above <o͑>, right half ring below <o̹>, and acute
> accent below <o̗>.
> I'd be grateful for any suggestions!
> Josh

Sanja'xen mi'lanja'kynha ,mi'la'ohix'ta jilih, nka.

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