I appreciate very much the tone of your post. I am no Cain. I agree with
everything you said with the following nuances :

Fairlang was made from scratch while Toki Pona mostly sticks to PNG Pidgin-but
of course "qui se ressemble s’assemble". Silent consonant is here to avoid
CVV to be pronounced CV.  Many people have a hard time pronouncing an
initial "ng". VCV is not valid here. Some Polynesian languages and Yoruba
feature NG as an initial of syllable and word yet never as a coda.
"Hingi-hanga-hungu" is a very basic voice system designed to avoid
passive-middle-active. It is somehow similar to Rick Morneau’s. It is quite
different and definitely needs to be further exemplified.

Fairlang’s basic lexicon is not the copy of the jouyou kanji or some "600
most used Chinese characters" precisely because of the very reasons you
point out. It was selected and culled on its own while constantly compared
to these and others. 600 is the result, not the start, of that process. I
understand that it’s very few. It took me a very long time to convince myself
that it would be OK and maybe I am wrong. In any case I believe that
vocabulary construction is never exact nor objective and that its main goal
should be easy memorization without drowning into unfathomable abstraction.
All this is definitely controversial as is "God season", but I believe it
works: hopefully the only thing you will remember of this language will be
"God", "season", "graceful", "righteous", their combination and their

"Eternity" is rather (tangi) batu labu lit. "(duration) no end", but
"duration God" is great. "Bisa tuta" is literally "cart 2" and means "bike"
while it could mean a cart with two wheels at both ends of the same
axis like French corresponding "deux-roues" could apply to anything with
two wheels. And "bisa susu" "elephant cart" is a "truck" like "jumbo" does
not only mean "ear-winged elephant". Etc.

Anyway all this is only a little experiment and I am fully aware of the
flaws you mentioned and the many others you were kind enough to overlook. I
truly value your final appreciation about my job. Enjoy a nice Tuna Kika :)