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> Oh man. I had no idea about this stuff - I naively thought that once you
> choose a font, it will look the same anywhere.

Unfortunately, reality is far more complicated than that. Graphite is
supposed to achieve that purpose, but is the least supported technology of

> I'm using a Mac, and I see now that if I type in Mellel, DejaVu Sans
> actually does what I want. Unfortunately though, it doesn't display properly
> in the applications I usually type in, like TextEdit and DevonThink. In
> Firefox the horns display ok with DejaVu, but many other diacritics are
> placed way too far to one side or the other, so that they're actually closer
> to the next character. In BBEdit, DejaVu generally looks right, but some
> letter + diacritic combinations are off. Other than this issue, I'm pretty
> happy with the applications I'm using now - do I have any options besides
> switching to different ones, or creating a custom font?
Unfortunately those are the only solutions, until the applications you like
pull their acts together. Don't hold your breath though, correct font
handling is not only not a priority for most programmers, it's also hard to
get right.

The only way to get the accents to look exactly as you want in every
application to is to create a custom font with pre-composed characters.
Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets.