Hi all,

I'm thinking of creating a sort of logographic script for my
proto-conlang.  Simple sentences will be able to be expressed in as few
as one, complex symbol (it's pro-drop, and particles could possibly
combine with the verbal character).  This will give me wonderful
opportunities for the script to decay into alphabets or syllabaries.  My
goal is to create a pretty natural conlang, with healthy amounts of
irregularity.  As such, I want a script that also feels natural...not
too regular, but not to random.

I'm taking Old and New Vulcan scripts as my biggest examples (they're so
trippy, methinks), but I'm also researching the Chinese/Japanese
evolution, Southeast Asian scripts, and Arabic calligraphy.

Are there any examples of conlangs with partially or fully logographic
scripts?  All of them that I have seen have been either syllabaries or

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