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> The shape "X" seems common enough that it should show up in
> a
> variety of conscripts. I say we start a thread tracking it!
> So so far we
> have:

Neither of my conscripts (Kash, Gwr) uses "x", because I consciously avoid things that resemble the Roman alphabet too much....  However--more fuel for the fire:

in both Kash and Gwr, a small circle o = /a/
in Kash, c = /t/, in Gwr it = /i/
in Kash, something like a skinny, elongated s = /u/, something like 6 = /o/

only in Gwr (all should be prefaced with "something like..."):
script w = //, script u = /1/ barred i, 
print y = /b/, 3 = /g/, 9 = /w/
Russian script b = /j/ [dZ]
Russ. /i/ (reversed N) = /k/
Russ. /e/ (reversed 3) = /N/
The resemblances are less obvious, because each cons. character has a horizontal bar attached at the bottom.