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> From: Roger Mills <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: OT (and TECH): Annoyances
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> Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010, 1:28 PM
> A couple things:
> 1. When I go to sign in to certain private accounts (esp. a
> brokerage acct.) an "instant sign in" box appears, with my
> user name and the user name of another acct. I have access
> to. I assume if I used it it would automatically fill in the
> user name and pw, which seems very unsecure. I have never
> used it and always close it out, preferring to type in the
> user names and pws myself. But the upshot is that anyone
> using my computer could also sign into those accounts (and
> this has happened, though it didn't really matter in that
> case). The only identification of the thing is "Abine"; when
> I searched for it in the comp. it turned up in 3 folders
> (where I couldn't find it); it isn't listed in any of the
> programs. I tried to use Add and Delete Programs, to
> uninstall it, but couldn't find Abine in the list of
> programs.  Does anyone know what this is, and how to
> get rid or it??

Abine is some kind of "privacy protection" plugin. Check your add-ons in Firefox: Tools menu | Add-ons.

> 2. Today for the umpteenth time I got "updates" from
> Firefox, which installed automatically. There's nothing
> there that I want or use (to my knowledge). Every time I get
> these updates, they tell me that I MUST update Adobe Flash
> Player. I go thru the procedure and I guess it updates the
> thing. But do I really need to constantly update Adobe Flash
> Player? What is it anyway, and do I really need it? I assume
> it may have to do with watching videos/UTube stuff etc.
> which I rarely do. 

Something has hosed your FF install. Mozilla is not that prolific, and about the only time I have to update Flash is when I am notified there is an update. Updating Firefox rarely messes with that. You don't really need Flash, but a lot of sites use it for video, ads, to make your life easier, or just because some designer got a wild hair one day and couldn't control himself.

> 3. Good ole Yahoo mail continues to send me List msgs. at
> random, sometimes as old as a week. I gather from other
> peoples' complaints that this may be a Listserv problem, but
> who knows?
> Help, anyone?
> End of complaints :-)))

This sounds more like you are subscribed to the conlang Y! group (that to this day I don't understand how is mirroring the list without actively being fed, but whatever...). As you can see I use Y! Mail, and I do not have anything at all like this problem. I'm also using the old interface.

I do, however, experience significant message delivery delays receiving from the list. My cheezy hack for that is that I am double-subscribed to the list with another mail account that I generally don't use for sending mail. The other account auto-forwards list messages to my Y! Mail account, yielding the speed non Y! Mailers enjoy. I do eventually end up with duplicates in my mailbox, but it gives me an idea of how horribly slow the "direct" route is.