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>> Many years ago here on the list, I was humorously, deservedly, and 
>> roundly taken out behind the shed, I remember not by whom, for using 
>> an "as in" pronunciation example. I explained that the Géarthnuns 
>> sound "öi" was "as in the 'euille' of "feuille" (commented my 
>> chastiser, "or, why we should learn IPA.") I giggled myself to tears. 
>> (Later, I found my quote on a 
>> "can-you-believe-some-poor-schmuck-actually-said-this?" website, 
>> thereby launching my gaffe in aeternitatem. 

>Is any of that still online anywhere? I've googled but not found out. I do hope I wasn't the harsh excoriator! I do >remember my own enthusiasm for Gearthnuns "öi", though; to me, Gearthnuns has always looked and felt 'Right'. 

The website is this: 

the quote's about 2/3 of the way down. 

1997 and pre-September 1998 archives, which may be when pre-IPA I may have written the original, appear to have been vaporized, and I don't know how to access that/those. Don Blaheta has immortalized the quote, so perhaps it was he who originally responded to my former "as in" naïveté. 

Meanwhile, And, thanks for the props with regards to Géarthnuns. Keep those cards and letters comin'.