Hello all,

I have done some vocabulary expansion for Troilgulm based on an introductory
phrasebook for Turkish. Sometimes I had to be creative due to cultural
differences, however... The result is below, for your entertainment. There
are no interlinears, but I suppose most phrases will be simple enough to
figure out.


yes: zeu
no: tsm zeu
please: tsmlee-srts
thank you: xuumpdlyok
hello: hwenk
goodbye: Troil vuursgw
how are you?: miulfirm n?
I'm fine: miulfirm
excuse me: dnwe weenkbarn

name: dyoor
my name is Gnul: i-dyoori Gnul zeu
and what's your name?: i-dyurlblmi i-dyoor w zeu?
I'm from Gl: Gl-as zeu
how old are you?: plo khls zeu?
where do you live?: hurl myp?

I understand: vltbarn
I don't understand: tsm vltbarn
again: gr klyan
slowly: too-toi
what does it mean?: vlthyaw w zeu?
do you speak Sar?: wal-Sari gnoes n?
how is that in Troilgulm?: Troilgulm-bit w zeu?

how much does it cost?: bmweet w zeu?
cheap: bmweetdlyok
expensive: khoyntgnh
there is: barn
there is no: tsm barn
clothing: kimpdlweerng

meal: vmiikklyan
pyt corn: pyt
meat: tsuup
water: gnyaas
inn: vmiikgnk

where?: hurl?
left: hlanmrs
right: dlyokmrs
straight on: dzyam
how far?: plo sul?

when?: tyants zlw?
caravan: neef
may I travel along with you?: tsai-dzurlblm-fnt holhny bmyots n?
where to?: hurlniw?
to Gl: Gl-niw
here: z
thank you for the company: khuumpdlyok gw i-fntzeu

alone: glyaihy
one night: tlawts hy
hot water: nor gnyaas
wash: krls
breakfast: saal vmiik

two minutes: mithuym
two hours: nyah
day: lweeng
week: lwiivrwyk
month: doonvrwyk
year: blathrn
ago, earlier: detsak
now: de
later: dezt
yesterday: hlanlweeng
today: hflweeng
tomorrow: mew

little: dzwimp
much: hius
one: hy
two: znor
three: guil
four: tsyah
five: verng
ninety-four: myw

Raash te feegatpin: nuukazet nhamaru'eng, shayip bngnetuk seepiit.