First of all, thanks for the replies about my problems. Aside from poky Yahoo mail, I've managed to sort stuff out.

Secondly, a big request:

My sister has had oral cancer, and radiation has pretty much wrecked her tongue. It has become basically immobile, thus it is increasingly very difficult for her to talk coherently. She and her son in Fla. are going to look around for some kind of hand-held device that she could write on-- and I-Pad? notebook? something e-mail capable, too. It has to be pretty idiot-proof as she is a technophobe; a few years back we tried to introduce her to the computer, which simply didn't work. (It was a lousy old Win98 machine to boot).

One alternative also, is a cellphone with IM or texting ability-- I know nothing about such devices; her present cell phone (via ATT) IIRC does not have it. It should have a normal keyboard, preferably with decent size keys. (I'd have to get one too, in order to respond I guess.) 

Another thought: is there any device that can translate print into voice, for use over the telephone? I'm sure they exist, but probably expensive. It has occurred to us that if she went to a speech therapist, he/she might know; also, if it were a medical necesssity, her Medicare and insurance would cover the cost. 

Any thoughts? All help appreciated.