On 10/28/10 2:28 PM, Roger Mills wrote:
> A couple things:
> 1. When I go to sign in to certain private accounts (esp. a brokerage
> acct.) an "instant sign in" box appears, with my user name and the
> user name of another acct. I have access to. I assume if I used it it
> would automatically fill in the user name and pw, which seems very
> unsecure. I have never used it and always close it out, preferring to
> type in the user names and pws myself. But the upshot is that anyone
> using my computer could also sign into those accounts (and this has
> happened, though it didn't really matter in that case). The only
> identification of the thing is "Abine"; when I searched for it in the
> comp. it turned up in 3 folders (where I couldn't find it); it isn't
> listed in any of the programs. I tried to use Add and Delete
> Programs, to uninstall it, but couldn't find Abine in the list of
> programs.  Does anyone know what this is, and how to get rid or it??

Take a run through your browser settings.  The popular browsers have 
options to remember login information.  They can be disabled in FF or 
IE.  Not too sure about Chrome or Safari.  Some let you choose them by site.

> 2. Today for the umpteenth time I got "updates" from Firefox, which
> installed automatically. There's nothing there that I want or use (to
> my knowledge). Every time I get these updates, they tell me that I
> MUST update Adobe Flash Player. I go thru the procedure and I guess
> it updates the thing. But do I really need to constantly update Adobe
> Flash Player? What is it anyway, and do I really need it? I assume it
> may have to do with watching videos/UTube stuff etc. which I rarely
> do.

Updates are another option that can be switched off.  Actually I wish I 
could go back to FF 2.x.   I don't like any of the changes in 3.x, and 
it's much buggier.

> 3. Good ole Yahoo mail continues to send me List msgs. at random,
> sometimes as old as a week. I gather from other peoples' complaints
> that this may be a Listserv problem, but who knows?

Don't know what to say there. I quit playing their games, and rarely 
mess with their groups except for a couple that aren't very active 
anyway.  Yet another site that has run me off because of their "upgrades".