Den 31. okt. 2010 kl. 17.18 skreiv Jörg Rhiemeier:

> Agreed with both of you.  While I find making lexicon difficult work
> which progresses only rather slowly, I feel that a computer generated
> lexicon would not cut it.  It indeed feels like cheating to me, like
> using a rhythm machine in music; also, I want the words sound "right"
> to me, and that is something a computer cannot achieve.  I want to
> make languages that are genuinely hand-crafted, and that rules out
> automatizing artistic decisions.  Computers are useful tools for
> writing and managing documents, but they should not decide what a
> conlang looks and sounds like.

I like to do it manually myself, but if you have a set of  
phonotactical rules laid out detailed enough for a machine to  
understand, I wouldn't object to using the computer to generate  
words, either from scratch or from some proto language basis. You  
should always have the option to throw out those attempts of the  
machine that don't feel right yourself afterwards. I have been hoping  
to find the time to do something like this myself, but no luck so far...


...PS.: Way off-topic, but I just have to mention how cute I think it  
is that the modern Greeks are presently celebrating the 2499th  
anniversary of the battle of Marathon. Apparently they aren't as  
great mathematicians as the ancient ones...