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> On 10/28/10 3:53 PM, Mechthild Czapp wrote:
> >> 2. Today for the umpteenth time I got "updates" from Firefox,
> >> which installed automatically. There's nothing there that I want or
> >> use (to my knowledge). Every time I get these updates, they tell me
> >> that I MUST update Adobe Flash Player. I go thru the procedure and
> >> I guess it updates the thing. But do I really need to constantly
> >> update Adobe Flash Player? What is it anyway, and do I really need
> >> it? I assume it may have to do with watching videos/UTube stuff
> >> etc. which I rarely do.
> >
> > Yes, the Flash player is used mainly for 2 things: ads and youtube
> > and similar internet videos. It is buggy as windows ME in its early
> > beta stages and has various security issues which are constantly
> > being fixed. You normally can do without it, however, some IPA sites
> > use flash for the sounds.
> There are two plugins I consider standard downloads whenever I install 
> FF.  AdBlock Plus (ABP) and Flash Block.  Both give you the option of 
> what to block and what to show.  They take a bit of work but once you 
> get them tuned right they are worth it.  ISTR seeing them available for 
> Chrome as well.

I second the recommendation of AdBlock. It's the one tool not only against ads but against bad webdesign of all kinds (I block the CSS files of various sites because the webdesign makes me contemplate the usual 2 questions*). However, since adblock can also block Flash-objects, FlashBlock is probably not required.

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