On Day 28 I'm going to do something completely different and
completely radical. The idea came to me from the thread on CBB on
Creating Irregularity in conlangs.

I'm posting this before I actually try out this idea so that if it
fails miserably I can post that outcome as well as any positive

I'm taking all the dictionary files I have from all my other conlangs
and mashing them together into one giant lexicon. Then I'm going to go
through the resulting file and remove words that are just way too
wrong for Txtana, modify those that can be made to fit the Txtana
phonology, and filter out the duplicate meanings (I don't really need
7 different words for "dog") by making the redundant words either more
specific (like "poodle" instead of "dog") or more general (like
"liquid" instead of "water").

If it works, and I only have to throw away half of the borrowed words
I could, theoretically, end up with 2,000 words in my dictionary by
the time I'm done.

My justification is that in my conworld some global but gradual
cataclysm pushed several different cultures together as refugees on a
small continent where, because there were so few survivors, they had
to intermarry and blend their cultures and languages into one. The
Txtana-speaking group being the most numerous, determined the grammar,
but the lexicons got blended in this linguistic melting pot.

Whether it works like a charm or fails utterly, I will post my findings here.