On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 8:29 PM, Amanda Babcock Furrow
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> Heck, a lot of things can be paraphrased in terms of going, entering,
> exiting, being located at, and even more in terms of putting, taking,
> sending etc.  Writing?  "Put words/thoughts/pen to paper."  Cutting?
> "Removed pieces with a knife."

Hmm, but cutting doesn't necessarily remove pieces. Maybe a verb for a
group splitting in two directions?

> One of the less likely semantic fields
> to be expressed in terms of location might be speech acts, but that
> seems to me more because of what we would judge as basic and
> fundamental rather than due to any problem phrasing it as "put words
> in their ears".

Looking at it the other way around, I wonder how you could
metaphorically extend a verb for the act of speaking to movement.

> I'm about to be the mother of an infant again, so I don't really plan
> to pursue this idea, but it seems an interesting constraint.  A rather
> different set of basic true verbs from that we occasionally see of "do,
> be, have"!  Has anybody tried it?