Digital cameras have greatly enhanced the underwater archaeologist’s
ability to gather data quickly and cheaply but taking the photo is often
only the first step in unlocking the image’s potential.  East Carolina
University graduate students Stephanie Gandulla and Nicole Wittig
demonstrate, in their new MUA post, how they utilized photo editing
software to extract even more information by “cleaning up” the images. You
can see their work on images from the Vasa’s artifact assemblage and the
Bermuda Maritime Museum by clicking on the link on the MUA home page here:

For those of you interested in learning basic Photoshop techniques for
archaeologists you can register for  “Excavating the Image: The MUA
Photoshop Workshop”  to be held at the 2011 Society for Historical
Archaeology conference in Austin, Texas.

For more information see page 13 of the SHA Preliminary Program here:


T. Kurt Knoerl