On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 16:13:16 -0500, Matthew Martin wrote:

> When inflecting languages turn isolating, do they just drop down to the 
> stem, do they erode to the stem and then make modifications to make obey the 
> old phonotactics, do they tend to pick a particular existing inflection 
> (like 1st person present), or something else?

They don't "pick" anything.  An inflecting language turns isolating
by the operation of sound changes which erode the inflections to the
point of indistinguishability - they merge in a common form, which
*may* be the bare stem, but not necessarily is.  It depends on the
nature of the sound changes which do in the endings.

What you do when you derive an isolating conlang from an inflecting
language, is of course your own beer.  If you want to make it
naturalistic, apply plausible sound changes to it.  If you just
want an auxlang or an engelang, do what pleases you.

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