Does anyone have any suggestions for how to distinguish different kinds 
of images of the same surface in the facsimile section?

In particular, I may have two images of the same surface or zone, one of 
which is a digital photo graph (or scan of an analogue photo) and the 
other is the scan of a 17th century drawing (which may be a better 
representation [of the original] than the modern photograph, because of 
damage etc.). For different processes I may want to make available to 
the user one or other of these types of facsimile.

Typing the tei:graphic elements would be the obvious possibility (except 
@type isn't available on tei:graphic), since the various grouping 
elements available here (tei:zone, tei:surface) have different 
semantics, and the two images may well be of the same surface and zone.

Any thoughts?


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